Home Teeth Whitening

In today’s world, why be unhappy with the way you look when there are so many options available to you? Especially when it comes to the color of your teeth. If you are looking to enhance your smile, and become a more confident person, ask us about the home teeth whitening treatment.


Almost everyone can benefit from this treatment, but if you have front teeth with crowns on them then please note that these will not change color. This means that it will not be sensible to do this as there would; be a difference between the natural tooth and the crown. The color would be unnatural looking. All other smiles will be greatly enhanced by this!


Anyone over 15 years old without false teeth is the perfect candidate, but ask your dentist to be sure either way. When done right, this should last a long time, but you should stay away from things that stain your teeth.


If you speak with the dentist and agree that home whitening is for you, we will create trays that will apply the gel to your teeth. They will need to be inserted into the mouth for ½ an hour every single night for 2 weeks. Follow the directions carefully or you could injure your gums and teeth. We have heard a lot of individuals say that they over used the gel because they thought it would increase the whiteness but that is not what happens. All that will happen is damage to your mouth. As always, results will vary depending on how your teeth take to the gel and if you use products that stain. Coffee and wine are known to stain teeth, but smoking is another that will decrease the results of the whitening.


After using the gel, some people’s teeth and gums are more sensitive. Just give us a ring if you feel this and we can give you some suggestions on products to use that will decrease these feelings. If these do not work, you may be directed to decrease usage of the gel.

What To Expect

Teeth have their own natural tone. Yellow toned teeth take to bleaching better than gray toned teeth. Results vary, but regular touch ups can ensure that you will be able to continue enjoying the benefits of whitening for a long time. Have realistic expectations of the color that your teeth can be and don’t hurt yourself by trying to obtain a color that is unobtainable. Follow the directions and you should be very happy with your new smile.

Zoom teeth whitening is another option to consider but it is more costly. Talk to your dentist for more information.

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