Partial Dentures

When some of the teeth can be saved, but some are beyond repair, then a partial set of dentures is the correct option. There is a choice between the normal dentures and the ones that hook into place. A conversation with your dentist will ensure that you make the right choice.

When deciding on the best option, you may need to take price and convenience into account. This could lead you right to the option of removable partial dentures. They will feel just as snug as the options above, but you won’t have to feel any “hooks” or clasps in your mouth. Also, sometimes the other teeth can deteriorate with those options.

As with any type of denture, Valplast or other, you will need to remove them from your mouth every single night for cleaning and to give your gums a rest. When you use these, you will be assured that the other teeth won’t have the option of moving into that space, which can misalign your bite. Valplast can be a temporary solution, but as soon as possible, a permanent solution will need to replace it.


Partial dentures are used to replace just one missing tooth, or as many as are necessary. Some people have more than one partial denture, in different quadrants of their mouths. Partial dentures help keep the rest of the patient’s healthy teeth in place, so they don’t shift.


Kids are not candidates, but any adult needing to replace teeth will benefit. If you want a healthy, beautiful smile and would like to be able to eat properly again, this option is for you.


Impressions of your mouth are made in the office, then sent to a dental laboratory so that the partial dentures can be fabricated. Another office visit will be needed to deliver the partial denture and make any necessary adjustments. If adjustments are not needed, you can walk out the door with your new set of gorgeous teeth.


Every single night, without fail, partial dentures should be removed. They will need to be properly sanitized, but it also will allow your gum tissue to rest. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth.

What to Expect

Any discomfort that you feel should be short lived. Discomfort usually comes from the fact that there is a foreign object in your mouth that you must get accustomed to. The happiness of having a beautiful set of teeth and being able to eat whatever you want almost always outweighs any feelings of discomfort and unease.

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