Implant Dentures

For those who need to have their teeth extracted, implant dentures are a great option. Also, if existing dentures are old and worn, causing them to be ill-fitting, this is their solution. They have a better fit than regular dentures, making them a more comfortable alternative.


Your dentist will help you to decide if this is the right option for you. The dentist will need to evaluate the quality of the remaining bone and the condition of your gum tissue.


Your dentist will let you know if this option is for you. The staff will take x-rays to determine the amount of bone in your jaw, to see if implants will be a viable option. If this appears to be true, then an appointment to fully assess eligibility will be set.


The gum tissue needs to be allowed to heal completely once the teeth are removed. When a healthy level of healing has been achieved, the denture implants can be inserted. A full set of dentures requires that between 4 and 6 implants will be put in place so that all of the teeth are supported. After about 6 months, when the mouth has entirely healed, the next step can begin. When the implants and bone fuse together, impressions will be taken for the dentures that will set directly into the implants. A nice tight fit will ensure that they are extremely comfortable to wear and use.

Remember that all dentures must be removed every single night. This will allow your gums to rest. A mixture of water and denture cleanser will make sure that you start with a clean, fresh mouth every morning.


After the first step, which is extracting the teeth, it will be necessary to wear a transitional set of dentures. This will just be while the mouth is healing from the extractions, which is around 6 months. Being able to place dentures in the mouth immediately allows a smooth change to occur.

What to Expect

During your time of recovery, you will wear the temporary set of dentures while you are waiting for your permanent ones. Upon receiving the permanent set, you will be so content that you can smile, chew and eat better than ever. Your smile will be so improved, you won’t be able to stop!

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