If you have an extremely large filling or have decay under one, if you chip or crack the enamel on a tooth, or have to undergo a root canal to prevent tooth loss, a crown will probably be your best solution to protect the integrity of the tooth. This option is available to those who have a tooth that is damaged on the surface, but the root is still structurally sound. Normally made of porcelain, a crown is a very common dental procedure.


A crown is used to cover a tooth that cannot be restored with a regular filling because the hole is too large – the filling would fall out. A crown protects the tooth by encasing it. Root canals are the perfect example because when they are performed, the tooth may become brittle and needs protection. This should be covered by a crown as soon as possible so that it won’t crack.


If there is a tooth with so much filling material that it just can’t be filled again, then a crown is indicated. When a root canal is performed, a crown is the next step to protect your investment of saving the tooth. In both scenarios, your dentist will more than likely recommend this option.


An impression of your mouth will be taken and a temporary crown will be constructed. This will stay in place while the permanent crown is being fabricated. A week or two later, when the crown comes back from the lab, you will be asked to come in and have it cemented onto your tooth. This structure will be very durable, lasting around 10-15 years.


Normal daily routines can resumed upon leaving┬áLive Better Health Center’s office. Your crown will look almost identical in color to your other teeth. It will also feel just like a normal tooth. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort, but if you do, please notify us immediately.

What to Expect

Once the crown is cemented in place, you’ve greatly reduced the chances of losing this tooth. It will not be prone to cracking or abscessing, like it would have if you had left the tooth without treatment. Take care of the tooth just as you would your other teeth, with brushing, flossing and regular visits to the friendly staff at Live Better Healthy Health Center!

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